Inventory Reports

The Inventory Report is a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. INI is completely independent and understands the importance of producing a document that will be crucial in the event of a deposit dispute.

We will attend the property and carry out a full inventory of its contents and schedule of condition for all rooms. It should be noted that we can do reports for commercial premises as well as residential properties.

We will accurately record in detail, all fixtures and fittings, and their condition.

We will record the location of utility meters and test all electrical items for power where possible.

We will take at least two photographs of all rooms and other areas of the property.  Photographs of specific items will be taken where necessary and/or requested by landlord. 

We will send two bound paper copies of the inventory to the landlord and if requested, a .PDF file of the report (including all photographs) as an email attachment. Extra bound paper copies of reports and photo CD's are available on request at 20.00 each.  ImageImage